Quitting Stuff — And Feeling Good

Quitting Stuff — And Feeling Good

Today I’m simplifying.

I was thinking last night — I’ve been adding more things to my list, including things to my “should” list (a mentoring course, books to read, things to do around the house, etc.). And you know what? It doesn’t feel good + I’m not getting to most of the things (the items just linger and linger on the list; it’s rather telling I’m not making time for them). So, I’m going to simplify and do what feels easy (or easier). Somehow this feels better (and nicer to myself).

Yesterday I quit a mastermind group and unsubscribed from two newsletters. The inner voice did pipe up: What will they think? You’ll miss out! I took a deep breath and another, and then replied: I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter (I can’t control what someone else thinks anyway!); I can always resubscribe in the future. I let the fear of missing out (I’ve never typed FOMO before) wash over me — and then it passed. Today, I’m not sad I said goodbye to that stuff.

I slept in this morning and left a lot off the to do list. Yes, periodically bits of “Oh no, will I forget something important?” crop up, or “Will someone else think I’m lazy??”. I’m practicing letting them flow through. It’s halfway through the day and I haven’t forgotten anything mission critical yet + the world hasn’t ended, so I suspect it’s going to be okay and things will work out fine. And when I think about it, things do always seem to work out one way or another (and seem to work out better/more quickly when I’m not shoulding all over myself).

Anything on your list you want to, can, will cross out today?

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