Choosing, Blowing Open, and Exclusive

Choosing, Blowing Open, and Exclusive

Some ponderings for today:

  1. In life I’ll probably always experience some times of challenge, things feeling hard, and the like. It’s okay. It’s human life. I (and life) can feel better, even awesome — depending on the choices I make. I’m not sure there is a “there” (except when I die) when I’ll have made some final choice and everything will suddenly always be hunky-dory and awesome, where challenges never come up and I never again feel a touch of anger/irritation/fill in the blank. I’m starting to get that it’s making a choice — again and again and again — of how I want to feel and where I want to go. And in the choosing lives magic.
  2. I keep meeting people, learning new pieces of their lives, and getting my heart and mind blown open. I don’t (and can’t) know what another has been through. And I’m learning there really is no way to do life “wrong,” nor do I have any stones to throw.
  3. Useful questions to ask myself: How can I afford it? How can I make it happen?
  4. Grace, love, and kindness aren’t exclusive things. If I’m going to go by them, I have to make them available for all. (To the best of my ability — choosing again and again and again.)

I hope you have a weekend full of fun surprises. Here is a selfie my son took of us yesterday morning.

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