PSA for a Hot Mess Day

PSA for a Hot Mess Day

Sometimes I get stuck thinking I’m the only one who can’t get it all together, and that everyone else around me seems to have figured it out.

PSA: No one has it all together, all of the time. Everyone is a hot mess sometimes. (And it’s okay!)

I’m guessing we all have two kinds of social media feeds (whether literally or figuratively) — the “acceptable” one and then the rest of life (where shit happens, things hurt, and sometimes we feel like roadkill looks better than we do).

If you’re feeling like an exceptionally hot mess today, I offer some slices of life to check out (my good kid and hot mess versions): Hot Messes and Shit Shows

More and more, I’m getting that you and I are doing just fine, exactly where we are. And if that’s a hot mess (and chocolate chip) moment? It’s okay. <3

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