A Guide to Parenting

A Guide to Parenting

Today I’ve got Robin’s guide to parenting.

Lots is going to come up. A chunk of it you won’t see coming (like finding poop on the shower door). Every day you’ll need to feed other people (and sometimes you’ll need to get dinner going and it’ll already be 7pm so roasting the chicken you’ve got in your fridge (which will take an hour and a half) may not be the best plan time-wise). Sometimes you’ll think you’re going to explode from cuteness overload and just want to hug your kids, other times you’ll want to punch a wall, and other times you’ll find no emotion you’ve experienced thus-far in life is adequate for the situation.

What do you do? It depends. I also have no idea. Different situations will require different solutions (like sometimes you’ll be out of chocolate and have to make do with the prunes that have been in the pantry for months because they are the only sweet thing you can find and you want a little something right now because otherwise you might explode if anyone looks at you — you’ve heard “Mommy” 250 times in an hour, cleaned up three pee incidents, and are tapped out). I’ve got no straight answers or foolproof methods. I’m not sure there are any.

I’ve spent plenty of time thinking there was one right way to parent (and it rarely seemed to be whatever I was doing — my way seemed to result in fail after fail after fail). I’m getting there is no “right” way — perhaps trying to do the best you can in each situation and showing up is always enough. (And sometimes that might look like eating prunes (which you can do out in the open because it’s less likely anyone will ask you to share), while other times it’s having a difficult conversation and finding the words you need coming to you effortlessly (or other times not so much).)

Just keep showing up and trying your best. Truly, we’re all doing fine.

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