Hot Dogs are Healthy

Hot Dogs are Healthy

Two of my kids are sick today. Both have a cough and one has a fever. It bites to hear them hack and sneeze. (Though I know it’s worse on their end — hacking hurts.)

As we’re plugging away through the day (sans dance and gymnastics — no need to spread the germs), we’re doing the best we can with meals. Last night we had hot dogs (tired days and hot dogs are a match made in heaven in our house). There were two left, so today we are having those for lunch. Add in pickles, bell peppers, tortilla chips, and chocolate frosting, and you’ve got our selection for today.

I find it interesting: today I’m good with it, and I actually think it’s a rather healthy lunch for us in this moment. If you’d have told me a few years ago I’d be thinking this, I’d have been like, “Umm, no. That’s not healthy.” And mentally adding in: “Good grief mom, get with the program. Hot dogs are not healthy!”.

What I continue to learn:

-Do the best you can each day (and it will look different each day).

-Keeping your sanity is important.

-Making decisions from a stressed out place where you “should” do whatever you’re trying to do results in unhealth (regardless if what you’re aiming for is something healthy — I’m thinking the stress kind of negates the healthy effort).

-On the food end, bring into the house food you feel good about (Applegate hot dogs work for me). And then however meals turn out (whether “balanced” or not), the baseline of your “healthy” has been met and so it’s all good. (There are no prizes for being “perfect” with meals — do what you can and then move on.)

There’s plenty more I continue to learn, though it’s swirling in my head so I’ll leave it there for today.

On a related health note, I penned (or typed is more accurate) a short book earlier this year — Getting to Healthy: Learnings from a Recovering “Health” Nut.

I was thinking through the recommendations, suggestions, (crappy advice), and what have you that I’ve waded through over the years — and then thought about what has actually been helpful and sustainable in getting to a place where my body doesn’t hurt and I feel pretty good (following gaining 40+ pound, two eating disorders, and numbing out with alcohol). I wrote down those thoughts.

If you fancy checking it out, the book is available on Amazon.

On the kiddo end, here is photo evidence of the hot dogs and pickles, as well as the chocolate frosting. Chocolate frosting is good.

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