Suit Up and Show Up

Suit Up and Show Up

This morning I gave a talk to a group of high school students. It was a bit of different topic this go round: appreciation. On a now-funny side note, I’d started prepping for acceptance and then rechecked the info email to see I’d gotten that wrong. Oops. Back to the drawing board for appreciation.

Anyway, I worked on slides and started practicing my talk over the weekend. Yesterday, I decided the presentation deck was kind of crappy (I was struggling to speak to it in a way that didn’t feel trite), so I scrapped 90% of it. I found a perspective that felt better and decided to go with it. After walking through it last night and then twice this morning, I headed off to the school.

It turns out my talk was the first in a new series of “Leigh Talks”. Part of me wonders what they are hoping for in the series and if what I ended up talking about was at all relevant. I have no idea. In any case, I suited up, showed up, and shared (to the best of my ability). And I’m now done.

Can’t say it was my best talk, though I also can’t say it was my worst (that honor goes to a 10th grade English presentation that I had to redo because the first round was so poor). I see that I’ve got some personal growth going on because this time when the voice in my head started piping up about how the talk may have sucked (about halfway through and then louder at the end), it was much easier to say “Thanks for your thoughts and I don’t really care” — and actually not care.

Truly, I have no idea if the talk sucked. I suppose that depends on each person’s perspective. I’m also learning that I never know what will resonate or not when I share writing or speaking — and I’m getting that it’s not my job to try and figure it out. Rather, my job is to suit up and show up. And I did that. So in my book, today is a win. (And as a bonus notice of growth, I didn’t automatically flush red at the start of the presentation nor when I lost my train of thought. That was cool.)

Rock on, friends. The only job we’ve got today is to suit up and show up. That’ll be plenty.

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