Sitting with the Void

Sitting with the Void

You feel restless, mildly unhappy, maybe a little irritated and annoyed. Something feels missing and kind of empty. Somehow life feels off. (But there is no “good” reason so got to get out of this space pronto.)

So what to do?

If you can wind everything in a little tighter and get things in place — finally get your significant other to get your point of view (or get theirs), get the kids to clean up, tidy the rest of your life up. Or if you can just get yourself a little more together — finish up another piece of writing, work a little harder on the list of projects, do another workout, eat a little better, give someone else advice for where they’re struggling. Maybe that stuff will help. If it doesn’t, you can try to fill the space with another slice of cake, handful of chocolate chips, or a glass of wine.

And what if it doesn’t help, and the space, the void, is still there? The restlessness — still there? Then what? Where to now?

I wish I knew. I wish I had a magic pill, a silver bullet. Nothing I’ve tried has been the real thing.

What if the real thing, the magic pill for this space, is to let yourself be there? To try your best to breathe and not make any decisions? To stay in the space as long as you can bear it, and then sit for 5 seconds longer?

Uncomfortable? Yes. Painful? Perhaps. Scary? Kind of. Worth it? I’m finding out.

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