Messy Tangles and Regrets

Messy Tangles and Regrets

I’ve been afraid to commit, because then there’d be more to untangle if I decide I don’t like and/or want to keep with it in the future. Better to not commit and sit here than to find myself enmeshed…

Or so I’ve believed.

And yet, is it?

Is it better to not do and risk regretting later rather than getting messy in the now? What if cleaning up a mess takes time, effort, money, and other stuff? What if I lose out on other potentially cool stuff because I’m cleaning up a mess?

And a little voice reminds me: That potentially cool new thing could be messy too…and probably a lot of fun. Or you could sit there.

I’m finding that regret hurts worse, way worse, than cleaning up a mess. I’m also finding out that the worst part of cleaning up a mess (in most cases) is the anticipation of having to untangle myself. And the interesting thing? A lot of the time there is nothing to untangle, no mess at all. And when there is? I haven’t died from cleaning up a mess yet, so my track record is pretty good that I’ll (eventually) make it through a future one.

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