Trying Harder…Or Not

Trying Harder…Or Not

Holding on. Forcing, trying, pushing. This thing needs to happen right now on MY timeline.

You’re behind everyone else.

Why aren’t you farther along?

Maybe you’ve even regressed in __________ (take your pick: work/career, physical fitness, mothering, cleaning the house, managing finances, setting up for our financial future, knowing better, being nicer, …). Come on.

Work harder. Try harder. Push harder. Put more effort in.

You haven’t put enough time in.

Where it feels hard? You need to push past that. Keep driving forward. Onward and upward.



What happens when the day comes and I can’t push anymore? I just…can’t. The pusher mechanism seems to be broken. I don’t know if it can be fixed. What then?

Am I broken, wrong, bad?

How will I keep trying, harder and harder?

Why am I trying so hard? I’ve tried this so many times; it doesn’t really make things happen faster.

Effort can be a helpful thing, though I’ve seen it seems to be more helpful if given when I’m feeling pulled, rather than when I’m pushing.

What if the the route that is calling is to quit trying so hard and start listening more?

What is going well?

What feels good?

What if I took a rest?

What if I asked for help?

What if I trusted?

What if I opened to where I’m at, what is? What’s here?

What if I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be at, because it’s where I’m at?

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