What If You Jumped?

What If You Jumped?

What if how you feel right this moment, however that is, is totally and completely fine and okay? What if?

What if feeling happy is something you can cultivate?

What if pain can burn away the BS?

What if it is okay to allow others to experience pain, grief, anger — and no one needed to fix anything for anyone else?

What if you considered feeling really down, depressed, and sad was part of being human sometimes, and it didn’t mean you were broken or that something was wrong with you?

What if you believed you were capable (even if you’re not sure of what to do right now), and that the person next to you was capable too?

What if everything does work out for the benefit of all involved, always, and even if you can’t see how it’ll work out right now?

What if you didn’t need to apologize for your life?

What if this was all a grand (and sometimes messy) adventure?

What if you jumped?

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