Better Worry a Little More

Better Worry a Little More

I’m continuing to learn how to get out of my box, to live in the good, love, fun. This journey is interesting.

I notice more and more that a huge amount of my energy and focus is on taking myself out of the space where I feel good. Like, I’m afraid everything will collapse around me if I focus on what feels deeply good and expansive, what is a solution, rather than all that is wrong and bad, and on problems.

Like if I don’t worry myself into the grave quite enough, if I don’t spend enough time feeling like things aren’t good enough, if I don’t stuff myself into an ever-smaller box — then life won’t go well.

I have to be unhappy so much — or things won’t work out.

Good grief. Reading that back to myself — how hilarious and ludicrous. I need to feel (and be) unhappy…so I can be happy?

Why would I need to be unhappy? Who benefits from me being unhappy — truly benefits? Expansion can come from feeling unhappy and this place of contrast, yes. However, I’d prefer to be in love, the space of feeling good, great, awesome. I’d prefer to feel good.

I know I know this — the most important thing I can do for myself (and the world) is to focus (and refocus, when I fall off the wagon) on what feels deeply good, expansive, the solution, love.

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