Put the Lettuce in a Smoothie, Robin

Put the Lettuce in a Smoothie, Robin

I love my morning smoothie. I really, really do. My Vitamix is hands down the most used appliance in my kitchen.

I’ve probably had my morning smoothie for 2 years now every single morning without missing a day (seriously). Variety may be the spice of life, though at this point, I’m not messing with my morning smoothie. I guess I’ll find variety elsewhere.

My son planted some lettuce and spinach seeds several months ago on a day the kids had found some leftover seeds in a bag in the garage and decided to go on a planting spree. I’d forgotten about the seeds, until the lettuce started to show up about a month later (my little girl planted flower seeds, though those never materialized into much).

I’d forgotten what he’d planted and thought the little seedlings were weeds until I realized there were a crap load of them and they all looked similar. So I let them be. Fast forward another month and we had a huge amount of lettuce (plus a bit of spinach).

Now, I’m not a huge salad person. Every now and again, particularly if I’m out to eat, a salad might sound nice. However, I can’t quite shake the old message I used to tell myself that salad = a “should eat” and “good” diet food (and I’m over those old should messages about what’s “good” and “bad” on the food end — hearing and telling myself those sorts of lovely messages didn’t end well). Also, cutting, washing, and drying the lettuce before I make a salad feels like a lot of work. So, I don’t eat many salads at home.

Seeing all of the lettuce, I started moaning to myself, not wanting to waste it but sure as hell not wanting to eat it all. I promised myself I wouldn’t plant any more ever again in my garden. I told this to my husband too so hopefully he’d help stop me if I forgot and bought more lettuce seeds. And the lettuce kept looking me in the eye every day.

I’m not sure exactly when the thought struck but I’m glad it did: PUT THE LETTUCE IN A SMOOTHIE, ROBIN.

I add greens to my smoothies every morning; I’m always buying spinach, kale, or some other mix. Yet, I’d never considered putting that lettuce in my smoothie.

Part of me thought it might taste too strong (I’m not exactly sure why). Then I remembered how strongly kale tastes and I’m happy to put that in; the mixed lettuce in my garden has a way milder taste. I also remembered a smoothie greens article I’d read where they recommended using whatever kind of lettuce you have on hand: romaine, iceberg, etc.

Long story short, I started to use the lettuce. It’s been totally win-win: I have plenty of greens for my smoothie and am using what I’ve got so the stuff in my garden won’t go to waste again this year, and I’m saving money by not buying more at the store. The smoothies have been very tasty, just ask my son — he’s been drinking a glass+ the last few weeks; he normally takes one or two sips and then calls it quits.

If you’re looking for a smoothie recipe, here’s the basic one I use: SMOOTHIE RECIPE.

Hooray for smoothies (and love my Vitamix too)!

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