This morning my kids were up way earlier than usual (my son is in afternoon kindergarten which starts at 11:30am; we’ve been taking our time in the mornings this past year). Today there were some end-of-school-year events so all of the kindergartners needed to arrive at 8:05am.

I give them kudos; both got up and were ready to go when we had to leave (and with good moods to boot).

Now it’s 4pm and I feel like we’ve been up for hours and hours. I guess we have, in a way. 🙂

I’m on smoothie #2; the kids are having ice cream and popsicles while printing out coloring pages (they are getting better and better at finding the correct keys on the keyboard). We’ve watched a movie and several Elena of Avalor episodes. I’m wondering how long the ice cream and popsicles will hold them over — I’m not feeling like prepping dinner any time soon.

You know what? It’s been a beautiful day. Being out so early (for us) this morning, I was reminded of the feeling of promise a new day holds while dew is still wet on the grass. I love that feeling.

And I’m hoping they’ll go to bed (and actually fall asleep) early.

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