INTERVIEW: Getting to Green(er) with Nicole Lazar

INTERVIEW: Getting to Green(er) with Nicole Lazar

As I’ve started taking more stock in the kitchen (since learning about my son’s food allergies five years ago and starting to make more from scratch, I found a silver lining in feeling better with less processed food — and thus started to look at what we were eating in a different light), I also started to wonder about other stuff I was using at home — cleaning products, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, and the like.

Starting to do some research on this end was pretty enlightening, and I started to make some changes on this front too. It’s kind of funny — if me from 10 years ago were to see me now, I’d likely think I was kind of green and crunchy. And the me now would have a laugh and smile at how much better I feeling on every level and agree. Learning more and making some changes have made a huge difference in mood, focus, skin, etc. — I just feel better.

As I’ve been on this journey (and oh boy — nothing has been overnight), one wonderful resource I’ve come upon has been Nicole Lazar, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I met Nicole through the health coaching program I took two years ago with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition; she was my mentoring Coaching Circle Coach for the group part of the program.

From our first group call, I was taken with Nicole’s kind, non-preachy, and actually helpful take on holistic health, and I began to follow her work. Fast forward two years — I’ve continued to learn more and more from her about green living (my kids and I LOVE her (actually easy to make) homemade hand soap recipe).

I spoke with Nicole earlier this year about going green in the real world, as well as a host of fun tangents, including:

-The ups and downs of the journey of making personal changes and going more green/holistic
-Resources she uses to learn about what’s in different household products, as well as alternatives
-Making changes while living with other people (I love her take: “Share the knowledge but don’t get preachy about it.”)
-Recipes she uses at home

Please enjoy our conversation!

Links referenced:

-Nicole’s website:
-Skincare series:
-Think Dirty app:
-Foaming hand soap recipe:
-Laundry detergent recipe:
-Wellness Mama:
-DIY Natural:
-Bulk Apothecary: (Bonus if you use this link through Nicole: You’ll get $10 with spending $25!)
-Elderberry syrup recipe:
-Smoothie recipes:
-Nicole’s Health Junkie Shop:
-10 Kid-friendly meals resource:

Nicole and I would love to hear from you. On the journey to green(er) or interested in changing some stuff up? Let us know in the comments below.

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