INTERVIEW: Messy, Real, and Healthy with Charlene Alcanices

INTERVIEW: Messy, Real, and Healthy with Charlene Alcanices

I started a project at the end of last year, talking with women doing awesome stuff in the world related to the topics of wellness, health, and creating a life that doesn’t suck — AND doing all of this in the real world. (Check out all of the interviews here!) I’ve got to say — it has been fun. I’ve met new people and come across some fascinating work. At the risk of sounding sappy, I’ve grown through these conversations, as has my appreciation for the goodness, compassion, and creativity of other human beings. There is so much awesome stuff and amazing people out there in the world!

Today, I’m wrapping up this round of the project and would like to introduce you to Charlene Alcanices, a Lifestyle Eating Coach, Personal Trainer, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist.

I met Charlene in March when I attended one of her fitness classes. I hadn’t been to a group class in years and years (or a gym, for that matter); I was kind of nervous and definitely feeling self-conscious. Five minutes in, I was having a blast. A huge part of that was Charlene’s energy and smile. She radiated real health, happiness, and this spunky vibe I wanted to bottle up and spritz on my wrists for a pick-me-up every morning (in a totally non-creepy way).

Following the class, I checked out Charlene’s website to see what else she was up to. Good golly, she GOT the struggles so many women face with food, exercise, and our bodies (as I was reading about her experiences, I kept saying “Me too!!!”); I knew she was someone to talk with. She kindly agreed to an interview and we spoke in April.

In re-listening to the interview as I was preparing this post, I loved it and Charlene more and more. It’s kind of messy (some internet/audio issues and visits from my small folks) and we range on topics and experiences — and I love it even more because of all of this. It’s real life, unapologetic, honest, and candid.

On the topic end, Charlene and I talk about lots, including:

-Real life struggles with body image, disordered eating, weight and weight loss, and trying to get to the “ideal” body
-Charlene’s journey into fitness and health (and yes, it’s been messy!)
-Finding your own version of healthy
-Exercise and why it matters to do something you like (rather than something you hate but think you should do)

Please join us!

Links mentioned:

-Charlene’s website:
-Charlene’s letter to her body:
-KB Fitness (for those in/close to San Jose, CA):

Thanks for joining us! Charlene and I would love to hear your thoughts. Anything you’re taking away from this conversation? Please let us know in the comments below.

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