Who’s Creating What

Who’s Creating What

Critical learning (that I’m learning and relearning every day) that has made a world of difference in my happiness level: I am responsible for myself, and everything — EVERYTHING — in my life, good or bad, that I like or don’t — I have a hand in it all.

Nothing has happens or is happening to me in a vacuum. I’m creating (and have been creating) my reality in every moment of every day.

Life isn’t happening to me — it’s happening for me and with me.

I’m not always happy to acknowledge this, yet when I choose to think that life is happening to me (and thus I have no power or influence in a situation) — I’ve handed my power off to someone or something else. And as I can’t control anyone else (and if my happiness depends on someone else changing), there’s a pretty high likelihood that I’m going to be disappointed and unhappy by how things go.

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