Farewell, Juicer

Farewell, Juicer

For a while I thought I should juice. It seemed like a very healthy, health-coachy thing to do (and since I had just finished my health coaching training and was thinking about offering coaching services, I thought I’d better cultivate that image).

So I bought a juicer.

It didn’t work for me.

I didn’t like cleaning it; the kids rarely cared for the juice. I preferred my smoothie.

Absolutely fresh-pressed juice had many health benefits. And I have no doubt it is a healthy part of the diet for many. Yet it just didn’t work for me at this point in life — and I’d feel kind of annoyed and guilty when I saw it sitting there, unused, on the counter.

A few months ago it hit home that I’d bought if for all of the wrong reasons. I’d bought it because I thought I should have one and should juice. That it’d make me cooler somehow.

Nope — I wasn’t any cooler or healthier with it sitting on my counter. So, I let the juicer go (and I hope it’s happier in its new home). Maybe I’ll want one in the future and actually feel like using it — I can make that decision then.

If something doesn’t work for you right now, it’s okay to let it go. You can change your decision down the road (if you want).

What needs the door today?

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