21 Days of Skip the Box Love: MOVEMENT

Getting your behind moving a struggle? If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried various exercise routines and have failed rather miserably to make any lasting change stick. Yup, been there probably 5876 times (give or take a few).

I’m thrilled to share 21 Days of Skip the Box Love: MOVEMENT, a 21 day course via e-workbook to help you do a little something each day (which is always, always enough). Each day will offer an activity and food for thought that will take less than 10 minutes to complete, and you get to go at your pace. No one will be telling you what to do (which isn’t sustainable to keep up once a program is done — we both know this); you’re in the driver’s seat with some fun direction. We’re not going for crazy and some nebulous “perfect” — we’re going for progress in the daily hot mess. Score.

-Cost: $15
-Format: Downloadable PDF e-workbook

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  • Will I lose weight? A: Great question. I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not. There are many factors to losing weight, like what you’re eating and drinking, how much you’re sleeping, and the like. The point of this program isn’t to simply lose weight (and I’ve found that by having that solely as the goal, it’s hard to actually lose weight and keep it off anyway). It’s to help build your confidence muscle that you can change your habits and patterns (because you can) in the regular, old, hot mess of life (not some “perfect” place in the future that will never come). If you just want to lose weight, feel free to check out other methods and programs out there.
  • Why are you charging for an e-workbook? I could do this on my own. A: You’re absolutely right — you could. And if keeping yourself on track works for you, awesome! Totally do it. I’m guessing that you’ve struggled trying to do it yourself (I know that struggle well!), so sometimes getting a boost and having someone to help remind you that you’re capable and that a baby step is always enough is huge. This course is that boost. Each day you flake on yourself is going to grind on you (hello stress, irritability, and yelling at your family). This course is cheaper than a divorce, a gym membership, or extended therapy.
  • What if I don’t lose weight? A: This course isn’t guaranteeing you’ll lose weight; it’s about building the confidence on getting regular exercise. Losing weight is a byproduct of taking awesome care of yourself. Thus, if you focus on self-care, considering the sorts of activities presented, a shift in your body is going to follow. For some people it may be immediate; for others it may take longer.
  • This program seems fluffy. Is it stupid? A: I suppose it depends on your definition of stupid. I get this program may be different than others you’ve encountered before. I’ve found that having a strong health foundation by taking baby steps can work really well for some folks (I know it has for me!). When you feel physically crappy (which can lead to emotional and mental craptastic states), it’s hard to think clearly, show up, and get stuff done. It’s easy to make excuses. We’re (gently!) working on excuse areas and helping you bring your best self to the table.
  • What if I don’t like the program? A: I understand not every program is for everyone. Read through this info and see how you feel inside. If it’s not for you, that’s okay! Please see below for the refund policy for this program.

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*Want to hear what others are saying about courses from Skip the Box?

“This is a wonderful set up for lasting change! Thank you for creating a space that helped me become unstuck and finally begin creating the change I’ve wanted for the past 10 years.”  ~Jeanne

“Thank you, Robin, for making this challenge and growth opportunity possible, fun and sustainable! ~Kristin

“My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by taking baby steps and improving upon our already
established routines.” ~Shelley

**Legalese I’ve got to say: This program does not guarantee any specific outcomes. To see results, you’ll need to do the work. I’m not a medical professional and any advice/recommendation is based on personal experience and learnings. If you have any specific medical questions or concerns, please see your medical provider.