Yes, Those Pants Can Fit

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Feeling tired, stuck, and hate the way your pants fit? I hear you. Been there (and sometimes still visit). How would it be to wake up, have your pants fit, and be so ready to jump in and give a sh** about life? If you’re ready for a change and looking try a different way, let’s talk.

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Love Note to Self: I Can Allow – Am Capable

Happy Monday! Theme for the week: What I resist, persists.

I hate to say it, but I’ve found this to be totally true in my life. Whether it’s been around trying to lose weight (“I feel fat today so I must be weak and need to try harder!!”), getting my kids to pick up their toys (“I need your help now!” (voice raising) “And don’t yell about it!” (yelling myself)), or wondering what direction to go in my business (“I’m not sure what to do so I’m going to sit here and keep thinking about it and keep thinking about it and make it happen and …”), whenever something has come up that feels unfinished or uncomfortable and I’ve pushed back and fought – resisting has never helped. Probably not even once. And it has probably made it worse.

If I slow myself down and think about it, the thing that has been most effective in such times has been to slow down and let myself feel and acknowledge whatever is there. It doesn’t mean I have to like it or stay there. Rather, it’s me not pushing what is there away, and then from that space of not pushing, an idea about what to try or the direction to go pretty much always (maybe even always) becomes clear.

Today I’m reminding myself that while it may feel really hard to do in the moment, I can allow whatever is present to be present without pushing it away. I am totally, fully capable of doing so. And I can trust whatever it is I need or want will happen.


When you notice yourself resisting something, what do you do? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Food for Thought: Hot Mess – Open Your Mind…

Happy Friday! I’m excited to introduce my guest blogger for today: Jeanne Loehnis of Songs for Your Spirit, Life Coaching for Your Inward Journey: Jeanne is author of What’s Alive in Me Now?, transformational, inward journey life coach, singer/songwriter, and workshop facilitator. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with her for 3+ years (and knowing her my entire life!); Jeanne’s presence and support have profoundly impacted my life.

With this week’s theme in mind — Life can be a hot mess — I remembered an article Jeanne recently posted about when life hits (and it so can!). Jeanne has graciously agreed to let me share it here on Skip the Box. So, without further ado, here are some thoughts for your Friday. :)


Open Your Mind… By Jeanne Loehnis

Spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, speaks about opening your mind so it is vast enough to include anything. In this way, we aren’t knocked off balance when “life hits”. Think about it:

-When our mind wants things a certain way
-When we operate under a strict set of rules for right and wrong
-When “a good day” must include: a great night’s sleep, the kids getting themselves up and ready without a fight, gas in the tank, colleagues at work in a good mood, etc…

Then, when anything goes awry, we are likely to get upset, lose our serenity, lash out. Imagine instead your mind so vast that you include it all – the kids being kids, the colleagues in a rough spot, the gas tank on empty because someone else didn’t fill it. Nothing that happens can be so large that it disrupts your inner peace, balance, sanity. When “it” happens, you say, “Oh, this too. Okay.”

Try it. Try practicing “this too” whenever something unforeseen shows up today. Maybe even try letting go of your definition of a “good” day or a ” bad” day. Just this day. Just this task. Just this.

What fits when your mind is wide open?


When life is a hot mess, what happens when your mind opens wide (or even just a tad)? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

Movement: When Life is a Hot Mess

Happy Wednesday! How is your day going?

My day has started off with some hot mess moments: I noticed more mold growing in the shower (!!) which needs a good scrubbing again (didn’t I just do that?!) and my toddler told me multiple times “I don’t want you!” before 8:30 am. Oh goody.

I’m thinking a few minutes of movement could help to release some steam. Want to join me?

*Common sense reminder: If you have an injury or something hurts, be smart and stop or modify your movement. Seek professional medical support before beginning a new exercise routine if appropriate to your situation.

What’s your go-to when life is a hot mess? Perhaps a favorite song you crank up or workout video you get your sweat on with? I’d love to hear in the comments below.

Food for Thought: There is No “There”- Dinner Time

When folks learn of my personal chef background, many times the “Your family must eat great every day!” comment comes up. To this, I can only laugh. A case of the cobbler’s kids having worn out shoes.

While I aimed to keep meals for my family on the planned out, organic, and whole food end (like the meals I made for clients), in truth my clients had the fancier meals while my family’s were cobbled together from odds and ends many nights. By the time I got to the end of the day, I was tired, and more cooking was not what I felt like doing.

I spent (aka wasted) more than enough energy thinking that when I got “there,” my family would have beautiful, nutritious, and homemade meals every night — when I always had family meal plans worked out before the week started, could get up an hour earlier each day, had my shit together, whatever.

That never happened, I never got there (and more and more I don’t think it’s a real place to “get to”). With clearer life-perspective glasses on, I know now having easy, nutritious, and quick go-to meals is important and sanity saving on nights when making something totally from scratch isn’t going to happen (because most likely I will never always feel like cooking dinner).

To skip going out to eat or getting takeout on those nights, take a look at what’s in your pantry/cupboards. If you’ve got a couple of meal basics always on hand (like pasta and a high quality sauce), you’ll be able to upgrade the nutritional punch of those “full-on cooking isn’t going to happen” nights and still get something on the table with little effort and time.

What are your go-to pantry meals? Anything you’ve found that helps on nights you don’t feel like cooking? Let me know in the comments below!

Movement: There is No “There” – What Does Your Body Want Today?

For years upon years, I thought exercise would suddenly become easy and enjoyable, and I’d look forward to doing it every day once I was “fit” (whatever that meant). Exercise became a sort of punishment for what I might have eaten (or not). While it felt good to move my body after sitting for work, I went the “push until you can’t move” route regardless of how my body felt, which rarely left me feeling refreshed. I also ended up with jacked up knees (where I could barely walk down the hall), I didn’t lose weight, and exercising came to feel like a “should” in my day — definitely bad energy all around.

It dawned on me that exercise was a place where I was living in “there” — and that wasn’t working for me.

I started to experiment with listening to what my body wanted each day. Maybe some yoga? Or was it asking for kick boxing or a walk? I also starting releasing my “I must exercise for an hour + a day or it doesn’t count” attitude, which was a change from my previously held “2-3 hours/day at the gym or bust!” view (I grew up training 6-7 hours/day as an elite gymnast — my perspective on what was considered a “workout” was admittedly skewed post-gymnastics). I experimented with 20 minute workout videos (sacrilege!), and found that I enjoyed that length of time, felt like it worked my body plenty, and actually started to look forward to exercising each day. After that I even played around with some five minute videos on days I was running short on time (thanks, Erin Stutland and Shrink Session!).

And you know what? I started to lose weight, my knees stopped aching, and exercising for the joy of moving my body and working out the daily wonkies became easy and an integral part of my day.

In that vein, I share today’s movement video.

*Common sense disclaimer: If you have an injury or something hurts, be smart and stop or modify your movement. Seek professional medical support before beginning a new exercise routine if appropriate to your situation.

What is your view on exercise and movement? Have you found something that feels good for you? I’d love to hear; let me know in the comments below.

Love Note to Self: There is No “There” — I Have All I Need

Trying something new this week — a theme! Posts this week will relate to the theme: There is no “there”.

Sometimes I get stuck in thinking that everything will be easy/happen/start when: I’ve lost five pounds or feel confident all of the time or never feel afraid when I try something new or finally get enough sleep so I wake up feeling rested all of the time or …

Slowly, oh so slowly, I am learning that this is no “there,” I will never feel totally ready, and I will always experience some fear. And that maybe this is really okay, and that whatever I need to make it through the day/new thing I’m trying/whatever, I already have.


Another thought on “there”: “There” is an Illusion

I’d love to hear what you think about “there”. Is this a place you ever try to visit? Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Food for Thought: The Biology of Change

Happy Friday! Today I’m coming to you from a spot in my house where I could find a little quiet — my oldest’s room. Thanks, Lex! The topic at hand: the biology of change.

Over the past two weeks I’ve been really, really trying to focus energy on some different things: consistent regular time with my family, blogging on, experimenting with creating movement videos, and an afternoon exercise pick-me-up (to help with my post-lunch lull in energy).

It started out pretty easy to devote time each day, and then I hit a wall. The alarm rang in the morning and I felt no motivation to get out of bed — I felt kind of tired, “bad,” and could only think of hitting snooze (which I have 5+ times the past two mornings).

In talking with my life coach Jeanne Loehnis, I had an aha! moment: I’m feeling different because I’m trying different things and in different ways (I laugh to think about it — it was one of those “duh and of course!” moments.) Perhaps the “different” feelings don’t have to be interpreted as “oh crap — maybe I’m getting sick or this isn’t working or …” — rather, maybe they are a pointer that I’m going in the right direction.

The Marie Forleo interview I reference is here: 5 Secrets to Change Your Life – And Make It Stick.

If you’ve set resolutions this month or are trying to make some changes, how are things going? I’d love to hear; let me know in the comments below!

*If you’re looking for support with accountability, perhaps health coaching is something to consider. Feel free to contact me for a complimentary coaching consultation.

Movement: Jumping Around with Kiddos

Hi there! How’s it going?

I’ve got some pint-sized people who live in my house. It’s a good thing they are cute, because sometimes they get underfoot at inopportune times, like when I’m trying to do a bit of exercise.

Today, here’s a quick movement video that you can do no matter who is in your space.  In fact, if you have little kiddos and they want to join you, all the better – they’ll get out some energy while you get another wind. Also keep in mind that it doesn’t matter what your specific moves are; keeping your feet and/or arms moving is what is important (and bonus points if you feel silly). :)

*Common sense disclaimer: If you have an injury or something hurts, be smart and stop or modify your movement. Seek professional medical support before beginning a new exercise routine if appropriate to your situation.

I’d love to hear how your kids try to “help” you with exercise. Let me know in the comments below.